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What to Consider When Selecting a Convection Oven

If you are an experienced restaurant owner, you know how important it is to have a high-quality and working convection oven. If you are new to the restaurant business, you may be overwhelmed with how many convection ovens are available on the market and don’t know which ones will suit your new restaurant’s needs. Read the following blog to determine what convection ovens you should get for your establishment. This blog will also be useful even if you have been working in the restaurant business for many years and are looking to renovate with new equipment!

Difference Between Standard Radiant and Convection Ovens

Before we go into more details about what convection oven you should invest in, let’s quickly take a look at the difference between a standard radiant oven and a convection oven. Standard radiant ovens will heat up and surround your food with static heat. Convection ovens use fans to circulate hot air throughout the oven, so you get faster and more evenly cooked food. The results will be juicier, crispier, and just better-tasting food!

Electric vs Gas Convection Ovens

Much like when you are choosing a gas or electric range, you also need to consider if you want a gas or electric convection oven. You should note that even if you choose a gas convection oven, you will still need electricity to power it. Each type of convection oven does have their own different advantages.

An electric convection oven features a smaller variance the change of temperature, which results in the food cooking more evenly. The heat from a gas convection oven has more moisture, which makes it great for baking.

Countertop vs Floor Convection Ovens

Usually, kitchens will have floor model convection oven, but some commercial kitchens can fit a countertop style and a floor model if they need them both. A countertop convection oven will be typically smaller and hold less food, but they are perfect for smaller kitchens or kitchens that need a backup cooking device when the day gets busy. Floor convection ovens are available in full or half-size, and the type you get will depend on how big your kitchen is. You can also get a deeper model that is great for bakeries or pastry makers.

Determining which type of Convection Oven to Buy

When buying your convection oven, you will need to know what kind of food you are going to be cooking in it and the space you have available. If you are opening a bakery, a deeper, gas-powered convection oven might be your best bet. If you are opening a restaurant, having one or two-floor convection ovens will get you turning around food orders in no time!

No matter what kind of convection oven you want to buy for your restaurant, the team at ABM Food Equipment will help you find what you need. We love helping people find new or used kitchen equipment, including all types of convection ovens, plus we have buying and leasing options that fit all budgets! Call us at 604-569-3400 today for more information about the convection ovens we offer!

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