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The 5 Pieces Of Equipment You Need To Sell Gourmet Coffee

Coffee fuels our society. More than half of us drink coffee every single day, and those of us who drink coffee consume, on average, three cups a day. It starts our day with its delicate aroma and its deep earthy taste and rejuvenates us throughout the day with a burst of much-needed energy. There is a huge difference between a quick cup of office coffee, that has probably been sitting out for a couple of hours, and a cup of gourmet coffee from a cafe that knows what it’s doing. To make a perfect cup you need to know how, but you already need the right equipment. These five pieces of equipment are necessary if you want the perfect cup of coffee every time.

Coffee Grinder

Whether you are grinding beans for brewed coffee or espresso, you need to start with a grinder. Buying coffee already ground means that your grounds may be stale. Doing it yourself ensures freshness that you just cannot replicate with pre-ground coffee beans. Depending on what kind of coffee you want to make you can either grind your beans coarse, as you would for drip brew coffee, or fine, for espresso. Starting the process of making coffee by grinding the beans means a more delicious cup every time, which is essential when making a gourmet cup.

Espresso Machine

Most gourmet coffee drinks are made from espresso. Whether you are crafting an americano, macchiato, cappuccino, caffè latte, mochaccino, or just an espresso straight up, then you need to have a good quality espresso machine. Espresso machines do have a hefty price tag, but they are intricate pieces of equipment, some coming in manual, automatic, or semi-automatic. Some espresso machines also come with a milk frother and a hot water dispenser, but every model is different, and some people prefer to purchase other machines to do those jobs.

French Press

If you want to make a standard cup of coffee, the best way to brew it is in a french press. French presses are a single system for brewing coffee, where coffee grounds are placed into the bottom of the carafe, and boiling water is poured over top of the grounds. Attached to the lid of the carafe is a plunger, and once the coffee has spent enough time brewing the plunger is depressed, filtering the grounds to the bottom of the carafe. This brewing system ensures a perfect cup of coffee every time and allows you and your friends to enjoy a pot together.

Automatic Hot Water Dispenser

When you are making a variety of espresso beverages, you will need to add hot water to the espresso. When doing this, you would rather know exactly how hot the water that you are putting into the espresso is, rather than just guess with warm tap water, which may cool the beverage down too much. Having an automatic hot water dispenser helps you put the right amount of water in, and keeps it the perfect temperature.

Milk Foamer

When crafting cappuccinos, mochaccinos, and lattes, you will need delicious foamed milk. While some espresso machines come with a milk foamer, having a dedicated machine to do the job can be preferable. Something that is designed with only one job in mind is usually better at its job than an addition put onto another machine.

Gourmet coffee is easy to make with a bit of practice and the right set of equipment. At ABM Food Equipment we can supply you with everything you need to make the perfect cup, no matter what kind of coffee is your favourite.

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