Hatco 12 Gallon Atmospheric Hot Water Dispenser -AWD-12


Rent option does not apply to this item.

Lease option available for purchases over $1500

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Hatco Atmospheric Hot Water Dispensers are equipped with an electronic temperature controller, a digital temperature display, a POWER ON/OFF (I/O) switch, premeasured dispensing buttons, and a manual dispense button. The units are protected with a high-temperature limit switch and low-water cut-off.

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Atmospheric Hot Water Dispensers deliver pre-measured 2, 3, or 4 quart (1.9, 2.8, 3.8 liter) quantities of hot water at temperatures up to 195°F (91°C). This compact and durable unit requires minimal counter space and a removable shelf allows access to dispense water into large containers. Standard equipment includes a stainless steel base, a red granite powder coated body, 4″ (102 mm) legs, tank drain valve, and a 6′ (1829 mm) electrical cord and plug. A 12 gallon (45 liter) stainless steel tank provides up to 8 gallons (30 liters) of continuous, temperature-controlled water ranging from 75–195°F (24–91°C). The tank is drained easily with a convenient bottom drain fitting.

Additional information

Voltage Orientation

208v, 240v

• Purchase anytime with 60% rental rebate
• Upgrade anytime
• Option to return after 12 months
• Easy Own at 12 months; 30% rent discount over 36 months and ownership for $1
• Each option available per item funded
• Rental payments are 100% tax deductible
• Figures are all ex applicable taxes

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How do I lease my equipment?

  1. Complete, sign, and send us your 1-page application
  2. We will process the application immediately and notify you of approval
  3. Upon your acceptance of the terms & structure, we will prepare and send you lease documents
  4. Once you send back signed documentation, we will confirm delivery of your equipment and pay the good folks at ABM.

Why Lease?

  • Keep your lines of credit open and clear for a rainy day
  • Leasing does not affect your Debt : Equity
  • Pay for your equipment as it earns you money
  • Lease payments are most often tax-deductible
  • Avoid obsolete equipment and trade up or upgrade at any time


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