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Your restaurant and kitchen equipment is the backbone of your establishment

Starting or running a restaurant is by no means an easy task. There is so much more to running a successful restaurant than simply having a delicious menu and competent staff. One of the most imperative things you need to take care of is purchasing and maintaining quality equipment. Your restaurant and kitchen equipment is the backbone of your establishment, and it can easily make or break your business. As a restaurant owner, you need to make sure you are purchasing quality equipment that is going to last and perform the way you need it to.

But how do you go about purchasing the restaurant and kitchen equipment you need? What are your options when it comes to securing equipment legitimately and efficiently? There are different options at your disposal when it comes to acquiring the right restaurant and kitchen equipment, and in order to make the right decision as to which method you choose, you should first know a little more about them. In order to achieve your target and goals. The two options restaurant owners just like you are usually faced with are renting and leasing equipment.

Benefits of Renting Kitchen and Restaurant Equipment

If you are new to the commercial kitchen and restaurant business, or you know that you are setting up shop in a temporary placement, consider renting restaurant and kitchen equipment. Our renting policy is perfect for all hospitality businesses that are looking to increase the flexibility of their business and have a lower potential risk.

  • High approval rate. We back potential and passion and look for ways to say ‘yes’
  • Low weekly payments that preserve your cash flow
  • Unrivalled flexibility for peace of mind – you can upgrade or return your equipment if your needs change
  • 100% tax deductible payments
  • Off-balance sheet funding doesn’t affect your borrowing ability*

Benefits of Leasing Restaurant Equipment

Leasing restaurant equipment reaps several benefits which include but are not limited to:

  • It frees up cash flow and operating lines for your day-to-day expenses.
  • There are tax benefits available (depending on the way you structure your lease).
  • Have the option of choosing between new or used equipment for your restaurant depending on what is best for you and your business.
  • Leasing restaurant equipment doesn’t typically require a large deposit or the entire up front cost that buying does.
  • The typical restaurant equipment that gets leased includes dishwashers, refrigerators, coolers, freezers, ranges, ice machines, fryers and more.

ABM Food Equipment can help you get the best rates and flexible finance options if you choose to lease restaurant equipment. Contact us for more information today!

ABM Food Equipment helps hundreds of businesses to achieve success in the restaurant industry by way of quality service and being a reliable and credible source of equipment and tools. The proper kitchen equipment is vital to the success of any restaurant, so it is extremely important that you make sure to make the right choice. Think of your kitchen equipment and tools as solid investments, whether you are renting, buying, or leasing.

ABM Food Equipment is the ultimate source for everything you need in your kitchen, and we promise to deliver quality every time. Our team is knowledgeable about the restaurant industry and is comprised of a team of experts that can outfit your establishment with only the finest and most dependable equipment and kitchen tools. Our products are just what you need to start a successful restaurant or keep an already successful one going strong. For quality and reliable restaurant equipment, you can trust ABM Food Equipment every time.

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