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Suzumo SSG-SCS Commercial Nigiri or Rice Ball Maker – 12Lt


Beautifully and gently shaped either nigiri (SHARIDAMA) or rice ball (OMUSUBI) is created at the right temperature from this robot. It has a forming technology that creates tiny air pockets in nigiri and rice ball.

Spec Sheet

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The (SUKETTO) employing urethane foam
filler is in both the main unit and the lid. The
outstanding heat insulating and moisture-retaining
characteristics make it possible to form nigiri at an
ideal temperature.
A condensation control function is achieved by
employing a special water absorbing sheet to
prevent any condensation from forming inside.
The “softness mode” makes it possible to set the
softness of the rice at 10 different levels.
10-level setting for nigiri is realized over a wide
range of rice quantities, from 0.560zs. (16g) to
0.880zs. (259).
The rice is moved through an auger-delivery
mechanism which preserves the delicate texture of
the rice. In addition, the vertical forming mechanism
makes it possible to shape the nigiri with air
pockets formed inside (PAT).

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