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Moyer Diebel 383HT Undercounter Dishwasher – High Temp


Specified unit will be a high temperature undercounter dishwashing
machine with built-in booster and the following characteristics.
Machine will be equipped with: digital temperature readouts as
well as cycle progress indicators. It will feature a fill sentry device
to ensure proper fill and rinse performance as well as a drain
sentry to monitor and ensure proper draining of the machine. It
will have an automatic pumped drain with no standpipe as well
as an auto-clean feature that washes the chamber at shutdown.
Machine will have standard liquid detergent and rinse-aid
dispensing pumps as well as a rinse-sentry feature to ensure
proper 180°F final rinse temperature.
Specified unit will be a Moyer Diebel 383 HT or an identically
equipped equivalent.

Spec Sheet Warranty

Rent: $58 / week

Lease: $121 / mo.

For more information about lease and rent options please call us at (604) 569-3400.

$4,998Enter email/phone to get a special price.

NEW Smart Display – digital temperature readouts and cycle
progress indicators to simplify daily operation
NEW Solid state controls
NEW Automatic Pumped Drain no stand pipe
NEW Auto Clean washes chamber at shutdown
NEW Advanced Service Diagnostics
NEW Fill Sentry – monitors incoming water pressure to
ensure proper fill level and rinse performance
NEW Drain Sentry – monitors and ensures proper draining
of machine
Rinse Sentry – ensures proper 180°F /82°C final rinse temperature
Automatic fill at start-up
Robust, counter-balanced, double skin door, synonymous with
Moyer Diebel quality
All standard peristaltic liquid detergent and rinse-aid dispensing
pumps, top and side panels, 2 kW tank heater, flexible fill and
drain lines with water strainer and pressure regulating valve for
trouble-free operation
ENERGY STAR® Qualified
Low 0.84 US gal. (0.7 imp.gal/3.2l) water usage per rack
Energy efficient – 30 amp. breaker with 4 kW booster heater
(optional 6 kW available)
120 second cycle time. 30 racks per hour capacity
Complete with one peg and one flat bottom rack
(20″ x 20″/ 508mm x 508 mm)

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