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KoolAire KD-1000A Modular Ice Cuber KDT-1000A- 895 Lb


Whether you’re starting a restaurant, needing to replace your existing ice machine, or deciding to add an additional ice machine to your operation, consider Koolaire by Manitowoc

Spec Sheet Warranty

Rent: $69 / week

Lease: $139 / mo.

For more information about lease and rent options please call us at (604) 569-3400.

$6,010Enter email/phone to get a special price.

Easy access to food zone with removal of two screws and lift-off door.
High-tech exterior with smudge and fingerprint resistant stainless-like finish.
White plastics in the food zone help identify areas needing cleaning.
Water shield, distribution tube, pump, floats, and trough removable by hand.
Available CleanAir™ pack controls the growth of bacteria and fungi that form slime and cause odours in the food zone.

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