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Hobart HS7-1 Semi Automatic Meat Slicer – 13″


Hobart Semi Automatic Meat Slicer HS7-1 comes with  automatic slicer / burnished finish. Removable Ring Guard Cover. 13″ CleanCut™ Knife.Zero Knife Exposure.

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13″ CleanCut Knife: The knife is approximately 13 inches,
constructed of 304L stainless steel and high performance
Stellite alloy. Knife cover is retained magnetically, and is
quickly removed by pulling straight back on the top cover
Removable Knife Option HS7: The patented knife
removal tool covers the knife edge and safely removes
knife from gauge plate to allow for thorough cleaning.
Removable Ring Guard Cover: Fits on top of ring guard
to catch food debris. When removed, reveals a 0.12″
space between knife and guard for easier flossing. Ring
guard is made with Zytel™ plastic and can be washed in
warewasher or three compartment sink.
Zero Knife Exposure: Knife edge is not exposed during
cleaning or sharpening procedures.
Top Mounted Borazon Stone Sharpener: Single action
operation utilizing two Borazon stones to sharpen and
hone in five seconds. Removable, top mounted and
warewasher safe. When sharpener is removed for cleaning,
knife edge is completely shielded. Borazon stones have a
lifetime guarantee.
Poly V-Belt Knife Drive System: Knife is driven by
a Hobart Poly V belt and runs at 430 rpm for optimal
Four Stroke Speeds: Stroke speed can be set to 28, 38,
48 and 58 strokes per minute.
1⁄2 H.P. Knife Drive Motor: 1⁄2 H.P. permanently lubricated
ball bearings. Single phase capacitor-start, induction run.
Home Start Position: Home-start ensures carriage is in a
convenient position before starting the slicer.
No Volt Release: In the event of a power loss, slicer must
be restarted before operation can continue.
Sanitary Burnished Aluminum Base: One-piece base
has fewer places to harbor soil and is easier to clean.
Limits holes or crevices in which food can lodge.
Finish: Stainless steel top cover, anodized aluminum
product tray and gauge plate.
Exclusive Tilting, Removable Carriage System:
Aluminum product tray tilts easily for mid-day cleaning
and is removable for thorough cleaning and sanitation
procedures. The carriage has 12.5″ manual travel.
Electroless Nickel Plated Single Slide Rod with
Reservoir Wick in Transport: Transport slide rod is
E-Nickel electroless plated. Slide rod bearings feature an
oil reservoir/oil wick.
Double-Action Indexing Cam: A solid construction index
knob moves the gauge plate via a barrel cam ensuring
consistent slice thickness across machine and over time.
First revolution of index cam for precision slicing; second
revolution for thicker slicing selection.
Manual Lift Lever: Helps hold slicer in tilted position for
cleaning beneath the machine.
Ergonomic Style Handle: Specially shaped and
positioned for ease of use during manual operation.
Rear Mounted, Removable Meat Grip Arm: Rear
mounted grip is high strength thermoplastic. Swings out of
way when not in use.
Electrical Specification: 120/60/1; 5.6 Amps.
Switch: Moisture protected push button switch.
Cord & Plug: 6-foot, three-wire power supply cord and
plug. Plug not furnished on export models.
Capacity: The carriage will take food up to 5 3⁄4″ x 10 3⁄4″
rectangle or 7.5″ in diameter.
Gauge Plate: Gauge plate is a heavy aluminum extrusion
with machined grooves for smooth feeding. Adjustable to
cut any thickness of slice up to 1″.
Warranty: All parts and service coverage for one year
including knife. Lifetime guarantee on Borazon stones in
the sharpening system.
Shipping Weight: 138 lbs.

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