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Hobart LXeR-1 Sanitizing Undercounter Dishwasher – Hot Water, Energy Recovery


Hobart LXeR-1 Advansys Undercounter Dishwasher with Energy Recovery Hot Water Sanitizing – 208-240V
Racks per hour Light Normal Heavy
LXeR 30 24 13
LXePR 38 29 14
62 gallons of water per rack – LXeR
1.14 gallons of water per rack – LXePR
Hot water or chemical sanitation units available
Steam Elimination and Energy Recovery (LXeR
model only)
PuriRinse cycle (Potable water rinse to remove
chemical residue) (LXePR model only)
NSF Certified pot and pan cycle on heavy cycle
(LXeR model only)
Low chemical alert indicators
Sense-A-Temp™ booster heater capable of
70 rise, provided on LXeR models
Chemical pump “auto-prime”
Advanced Service diagnostics
Clogged wash arm sensing
Custom cycle selection – light, normal, heavy
Automated delime cycle – includes booster
Deep drawn stainless steel tank
Microcomputer, top mounted controls with
advanced digital cycle/temperature display
Revolving upper and lower anti-clogging wash
Snap in revolving upper and lower rinse arms
Removable stainless steel scrap screen
Corrosion resistant pump
Energy Saver mode
Automatic pumped drain
17″ door opening
Dirty water indicator
Automatic fill
Detergent, rinse aid and delime pumps standard
(plus sanitizer pump on chemical machine)
Electric tank heat
Two dishracks – one peg and one combination
Customizable “advansys” button to select
favorites function
Auto clean cycle washes down inside of
machine at shutdown
Energy Star Qualified.

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DESIGN: Front opening, equipped for installation in either freestanding or undercounter-type operations.
CONSTRUCTION: 300 series stainless steel tank, door and top
PUMP: Centrifugal-type, integral with motor, horizontally
mounted. Pump capacity 38 gpm.
MOTOR: Single phase, furnished for all electrical specifications.
Factory sealed lubrication. Inherent overload protection with auto
WASH AND RINSE CYCLE: Complete automatic type, controlled
by solid-state electronics. Cycle may be interrupted any time by
opening door. Cycle continues when door is closed.
Initial cycle fills wash tank, to be recirculated each wash cycle.
Some wash water is drained off before rinse cycle. Rinse cycle
refreshes wash water and tank heat.
RINSE PUMP: Powered by a single phase motor, the rinse pump
is made of high strength engineered composite material.
BLOWER: The blower is a 60mm x 300mm tangential wheel
powered by a 2-pole single phase motor for quiet and reliable
operation, LXeR only.
CONDENSER COIL: The condensing system uses a tube and fin
coil constructed of copper and corrosion resistant aluminum.
The condenser coil allows for energy recovery from waste heat
in the moisture laden air that would normally escape into the
environment after a dishwashing cycle, LXeR only.
LXeR: Sanitation is accomplished by means of a built-in
booster heater designed to raise temperature of water to a
minimum of 180°F from an incoming water temperature of
LXePR: Sanitation is accomplished by injection of proper
amount of sodium hypochlorite solution (liquid bleach) into
final rinse water to achieve a minimum of 50PPM sanitizing
solution. Injection of sodium hypochlorite is accomplished
by a built-in sanitizing chemical pump. Minimum required hot
water temperature is 120°F.
Potable water rinse to remove chemical residue.
To be used with sanitizer approved for use with post
sanitizing rinse
off (hold Wash button for 5 seconds). Verify that there is sufficient chemical supply. Run cycle and use test trips on wetted
surface of glasses after cycle is complete. If concentration is
below minimum required, contact your local Hobart Service
ENERGY RECOVERY: Heat energy is recovered from the condensation of vapors in the chamber at the end of each cycle. This
pre-heats the water for the next rinse cycle from 55°F up to 140°F.
PUMPED DRAIN: Machine automatically drains water through a
built-in pump. Maximum 38″ drain height permitted.
ELECTRIC BOOSTER HEATER: 4.9 KW electric booster with
Sense-A-Temp™ technology adequately sized to raise 55°F inlet
water to 180°F, with the aid of the energy recovery system.
RACKING: Machines accommodate racks from 10″ x 20″ to 20″ x
20″. Also accepts 16″ x 18″ cafeteria trays.
NOTE: Certain materials, including silver, aluminum and pewter
are attacked by Sodium Hypochlorite solution in the chemical
sanitizing mode of operation.
SPECIFICATIONS: Listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and
NSF International.

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