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Hobart HCM450 Cutter Mixer – 45 Qt


Hobart Cutter Mixer HCM450 comes with 5 H.P. Motor,45-Quart Capacity Stainless Steel Bowl with Pouring Lip,Durable Steel Base with Epoxy Enamel Finish.

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MOTOR: Dual voltage configuration with thermal overload
protection, single speed, 1140 RPM, totally enclosed,
externally fan cooled, ball bearings, grease packed and
sealed. Motor shaft is stainless steel.
ELECTRICAL: 200/60/3, 230/60/3 and 460/60/3 –
U L Listed.
CONTROLS: Magnetically operated start and stop
selectors are completely sealed and washable. All
electrical controls are housed in a high impact resistance,
reinforced polyester enclosure.
TIMER: 5 minute, automatically shuts off machine after
time set has elapsed. Non-timed operation obtained by
setting timer on run or jog.
flexible type “SO” cable with grounding polarized plug.
A grounding polarized power receptacle is furnished.
See chart at the bottom of the page for proper size and
230/60/3 machine should be connected to a 30 amp
service; 460/60/3 requires 20 amp service.
BOWL: Stainless steel, 45-quart capacity with built-in
pouring lip to guide liquids into a container. Bowl will tilt
90 degrees to a pour height of 153⁄8″ from the floor. All
stainless steel.
BOWL COVER: 3⁄16″ clear Lexan® Polycarbonate that seals
effectively without a gasket. Counterbalanced for ease of
handling. Cover support bar is stainless steel.
BOWL TILT MECHANISM: A lever is provided to control
the bowl for “hold” position when running or “tilt” to empty.
When set to “hold” there is a firm grip to prevent tipping of
the bowl during normal operation. “Tilt” setting releases
the hold but provides a constant preset drag, which allows
pivoting but will hold the bowl in any position. The bowl
and motor are counterbalanced for easy handling.
MIXING BAFFLE: All stainless steel. Manually operated to
move products continually into the shaft blades. Exclusive
pour-through center shaft permits addition of liquid
ingredients with the cover closed, the baffle in position
and the machine operating. Exclusive built-in scraper,
located on the mixing baffle, helps keep the cover clean
during operation, and enables easy cleaning of the cover
before opening. Baffle removable for cleaning.
SAFETY: Electromechanical interlocks prevent operation
unless bowl cover is closed and latched. Interlock also
prevents operation if bowl is tilted beyond 20 degrees from
vertical position. A centrifugal brake stops motor when the
stop switch is pushed or an interlock shuts off electrical
BASE: Rectangular steel tubing, formed and welded.
Finished in gray epoxy-based enamel.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Consists of Cutter Mixer unit
with manually operated mixing baffle; polypropylene
strainer basket, cut/mix attachment, knead/mix attachment; 6 foot power cable with plug and power receptacle.
ACCESSORIES: Casters, Extra Basket Kit
NET WEIGHT: 282 lbs.

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