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Hobart 4822 Commercial Meat Grinder – #22 Head


Hobart Commercial Meat Grinder 4822 comes with 1 1⁄2 H.P. motor (1 1⁄4 H.P. for 230/50/1)12-20 lbs. per minute capacity.Ideal for “On Demand” meat chopping for processing fresh, boned meat.

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MOTOR: 1 1⁄2 H.P. (1 1⁄4 H.P. for 230/50/1), four pole, AC induction
motor. Single phase is capacitor start-capacitor run type. Three
phase is poly-phase, induction type. Motor ventilation is provided
through screened openings in the base assuring cool operation.
Available in standard electrical specifications shown below.
SWITCH: Conveniently mounted at back of machine (can be
changed to front).
CORD AND PLUG: A 6 foot, flexible 3 wire cord is furnished
with the following plugs: 120/60/1 – NEMA 5-15P; 208-240/60/3 –
NEMA L15-20P; 230/50/1 – No Plug; 240/60/1, NEMA 6-15P.
TRANSMISSION: Precision made gears and shafts mounted on
ball bearings are fully enclosed in the transmission case, packed
with a special oil at the factory. Smooth, quiet operation is
assured for years of normal operation.
The attachment hub has a double seal, designed to exclude meat
juices or water from the transmission. Worm speed is 212 r.p.m.
for 60 Hz, 180 rpm for 50 Hz.
CHOPPING END: 4822 has a Hobart protective type chopping
end, with cylinder of the spiral-fluted design. FS option has a
guarded open bowl type chopping end. A heavy cast aluminum
safety guard is supported by vertical posts permanently mounted
on the cylinder. The cylinder, worm and adjusting ring are all
heavily tinned. A heat-treated steel knife and plate and plastic
feed stomper are provided.
STAY-SHARP KNIFE & PLATES: The Hobart Stay-Sharp knife &
plates are made from an alloy steel that holds its edge longer than
standard carbon steel. Stay-Sharp plates also can be resharpened many more times than regular plates. These two features
allow a substantial lifetime cost benefit with the Hobart StaySharp plates.
FEED PAN: 4822 has a stainless steel feed pan — 19 1⁄2″ x 11 1⁄2″x 2 1⁄2″ inside dimensions. FS option has stainless steel pan —
33″ x 15 3⁄4″ x 3 3⁄4″ inside dimensions.
CAPACITY: 4822 will grind 16 lbs. per minute, first cutting
through a 1⁄8″ plate. FS option will grind 20 to 22 lbs. per minute,
first cutting through a 1⁄8″ plate.
FINISH: Standard finish is stainless steel housing. An attractive
stainless steel trim plate is provided at the attachment opening
and stainless steel legs, cushioned on the bottom with resilient
neoprene rubber, provide clearance to keep the table clean
under the chopping unit.
STANDARD EQUIPMENT: Includes the working unit with
protective type tinned chopping end, stainless steel feed pan,
plastic feed stomper, one knife and one plate. The plate has 1⁄8″ diameter holes.
WEIGHT: The Chopper is shipped as three separate
components: the base chopper unit, the chop end, and the pan.

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