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Eagle DHT4-120 Electric Hot Food Table – 4 Wells


Eagle Hot Food Tables, open base design, model.
Top and body to be heavy gauge type 430
stainless steel. Beaded top openings to be 12 3⁄32˝ x 20 3⁄32˝.
Heating compartments to be 8˝-deep, galvanized, and insulated
on all four sides and bottom with 1˝ fiberglass or equal.
Recessed control panel, with individual infinite controls, offer
high and low settings. Each compartment fitted with 500-watt
heating element for 120-volt units, and 750-watt heating
element for 240-volt units. 6´cord and plug extends from the
bottom right hand side of the unit. Furnish with polycarbonate
cutting board. Legs to be 15 ⁄8˝ O.D. tubing, with adjustable
undershelf and adjustable bullet feet.

Spec Sheet Warranty

Rent: $29 / week

Lease: $61 / mo.

For more information about lease and rent options please call us at (604) 569-3400.

$2,500Enter email/phone to get a special price.

Table body and top are constructed of highly polished
22 gauge 430 series stain less steel.
Top features die stamped beaded openings measuring
12 3⁄32˝ x 20 3⁄32˝ (307 x 510mm).
A poly cutting board, 8˝ (203mm) wide and 1⁄2˝ (13mm)
thick, is mounted on stainless steel brackets located on
control side of unit.
Legs offered in galvanized or stainless steel.
All models are 30 1⁄2˝ (774mm) wide and 34˝ (863mm) high.
Individual infinite controls offer high and low selections
along with eight other temperature settings.
Indicator light remains on continuously while control is in
“ON” position.
Heat compartments
Each heat compartment is 8˝ (203mm) deep and lined with
22 gauge galvanized steel.
Each compartment is insulated on all four sides and bottom
with 1˝ (25mm) thick fiberglass or equal.
Each compartment is fitted with a 500-watt or 750-watt
tubular element above the insulated bottom. 500-watt
element is standard on units wired for 110-120 volts; 750-
watt element is standard for units wired for 220-240 volts.
6´(1829mm) cord with plug extends from the bottom of the
right hand control side as standard equipment.
120-volt models are single phase. 240-volt models available
in single- or three-phase.

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