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CMA 180UC Undercounter Dishwasher – 30 Racks/Hr, High Temp


The CMA Energy Mizer model CMA-180UC undercounter dishwasher provides hot water (180°F) sanitizing through the use of a
built-in booster heater. 180°F final rinse safety system ensures proper temperatures in the final rinse by holding wash cycle in run
mode until 180°F rinse temperature is detected. The unit comes standard with upper and lower stainless steel wash and final rinse
arms, digital LED temperature gauges and easy to operate controls. The CMA-180UC incorporates an automatic soil purging system uniquely designed (patent pending) into the wash tank that enables the wash water to remain clean, assuring excellent results
and less chemical use. The CMA-180UC is constructed entirely of stainless steel. Uses standard 20″X20″ dishracks and accommodates oversized plates and utensils with a 14-1/2″ door clearance.

Spec Sheet Warranty

Rent: $72 / week

Lease: $143 / mo.

For more information about lease and rent options please call us at (604) 569-3400.

$6,200Enter email/phone to get a special price.

Energy Star Qualified.
The 2 minute timer includes the built-in, automatic
Safe-T-Temp feature, which assures a 180°F
sanitizing final rinse, every cycle.
Patented automatic soil purging system. Filters
wash water and traps plate debris in an
external drawer. Drawer can be easily removed
for dumping contents.
Upper and lower rotating wash and rinse arms
provide excellent cleaning and rinsing.
All stainless steel construction, no plastic
parts to repair.
Patented built-in booster heater. Economical,
single source heat lowers energy costs.
Large 14-1/2″ height clearance accommodates
larger dishes and half size sheet pans.
Low water consumption. Uses only .75 gallons
of water per cycle.
Pumped drain.
All Stainless Steel wash pump

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