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Belleco JT1 Conveyor Toaster – 350 Slices / Hr


Belleco Conveyor Toaster JT1 comes with Basic and simple operation,Durable, Rugged Construction,Forced Convection Toasting and Energy Efficient Quartz Heaters.

Spec Sheet Warranty

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CONTROLS: Variable Conveyor Speed Control; Power
Saver Switch. On JT1-H, On/Off switches for both top
and bottom heaters.
INSTALLATION: Counter model; furnished with
1” adjustable legs and 4 foot cord. Units should
be located so that the air around the fan motor
intake under the toaster, does not contain grease
or steam and does not exceed 100°F. CONSTRUCTION: Chassis 18ga. Stainless Steel,
Toaster Interior 20ga. Stainless Steel and 18ga.
Aluminized Steel. Units are easy to disassemble for
cleaning and service.
FORCED CONVECTION: Fractional h.p. motor
with fan, located in the control box area. Dualpurpose fan forces air around controls and motors.
Air is forced between inside and outside chassis
sides and cools the exterior panels. Heated air is
then forced across the Quartz heaters and
conveyor surface which results in increased
efficiency and safe operation.
WARRANTY: Two year parts warranty (Quartz
heaters excluded) and one year; factory-authorized
labor and Quartz sheathed heaters.
JT1 & JT1-H 40lbs., 21”W x 19”D x 16”H

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