Gas Gyro Machines

A gyro machine is used to broil meat on a rotating spit, essential for your establishment if you are serving food such as gyro sandwiches, or dishes that include flavourful beef and lamb. A gas gyro machine is dependable, durable, and easy to operate, making it an excellent addition to your kitchen.

  • Visvardis Gas Gyro Machines- DGXA

    From: $2,050

    65Lb- Esthetically the nicest Gyro in the marketplace today (in our opinion, of course!). Designed with the motor at the…

  • Autodonor Gas Gyro Machines- GX00

    From: $2,100

    45Lb-  New and most definitely improved, the G300 model is the next generation of our all-time favorite classic the 3PG.…