Electric Gyro Machines

A gyro machine is used to broil meat on a rotating spit, essential for your establishment if you are serving food such as gyro sandwiches, or dishes that include flavourful beef and lamb. An electric gyro machine is an excellent alternative to a gas one, and is dependable.

  • Autodoner Electric Gyro Machines- 3PEX

    From: $700

    15Lb- Also known as the Mini- Autodoner®. This machine is one of a kind. It has been designed for small cones.…

  • Autodonor 25 Lb Electric Gyro Machine-E-200


    Just like the gas fired G200 version, an electric machine designed for the operator using small to medium cones, with…

  • Visvardis Electric Gyro Machines- DEXA

    From: $1,650

    65Lb-Esthetically the nicest Gyro in the marketplace today (in our opinion, of course!). Designed with the motor at the bottom…