Since 1981 Cofrimell has been in the international market for over 35 years, continuously growing and expanding itself. Nowadays it’s a leader company at an international level in the field of the commercial refrigeration.

Cofrimell has a wide range of products, in continuous evolution, and has always represented a synonym of reliability, constant research of quality and design.

In an ultra-modern premises in Pomezia (Rome), with the most up to date and sophisticated available manufacturing equipments, technology and resources, manufactures drink dispensers and slush machines, with a total flexibility to accommodate the many different market requirements demanded throughout the world.

This is the company in continuous evolution in the field of commercial refrigeration, ready to invest  for innovative and functional choices, in order to achieve new goals, giving always priority to ease of use, safety, always safeguarding quality and the warranty of a 100% Italian product

It's products have immediately conquered the international market. Its business has satisfied the request of every market. The company has clients worldwide, from Europe to USA and South America, from Middle and Far East to China and Japan, up to Australia and New Zealand.

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