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How To Buy A Commercial Range

The range is truly the Swiss Army Knife of the kitchen. It has the ability to fry, grill, boil, broil, braise, and sauté. If you’re opening a new restaurant, a range is a must-have. If you’re interested in buying a commercial range, please read this short guide.

What Kinds Of Ranges Are There?

Ranges come in several different shapes and types with a number of options and configurations to choose from. We’re going to focus on two of the most common ranges used in the industry -“Restaurant Ranges” and “Heavy Duty Ranges”. Restaurant Ranges are the more prevalent of the two, and are designed to be versatile and easy to use. Heavy Duty Ranges are exactly what they sound like – they are designed for high volume production and are very durable.

Restaurant Ranges

Restaurant Ranges are standalone units that are available in widths of 12″ increments from 24″ to 72” with a gas connection usually in the back. They have a slightly lighter construction than a Heavy Duty Range, but they are still designed with a busy commercial kitchen in mind. Despite being slightly more compact, Restaurant Range burners provide more than enough heat for most cooking tasks. Because of their versatility and relative price point, Restaurant Ranges are the most popular choice in the industry.

Heavy Duty Ranges

Heavy Duty Ranges are designed to fit together with other ranges or pieces of kitchen equipment. Its gas connection is often on its side to connect with other appliances. Heavy Duty Ranges are often used in very high volume restaurants and are constructed using thick, durable pieces of metal. They offer more energy output per burner than restaurant ranges, but you’ll have to pay for it as Heavy Duty Ranges are noticeably more expensive.

How Big Should My Range Be?

Common range widths include 36″, 48″, and 60″, but ranges come in sizes between 12″ to 72″. When you’re figuring out what’s the ideal range size for your kitchen, you should ask yourself these two questions:

Is There Enough Hood Space?

Most restaurant health and safety codes require a range’s hood to extend 6″ past the equipment underneath it. For example, if you have a 72″ wide hood, the widest range you can place underneath it is a 60″ model. Check with your local regulator’s to be safe.

What Kinds Of Food Will You Be Cooking?

If you’re a breakfast joint, you probably don’t need very many open burners. You will likely want a griddle or griddle top instead. If you serve a variety of meals or different types of food, you’ll have to consider what kind of cooking surface will serve you best.

ABM Food Equipment Offers Customizable Ranges At Excellent Prices

ABM Food Equipment is a Vancouver-based company that’s been providing kitchen design, installation, and repair services to clients in the restaurant industry for over twenty years. If you’re unsure about what kind of range is best for your kitchen, get in touch – our team is happy to help.

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