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ABM Food Equipment: Blade sharpening vs Honing – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to your professional kitchen knives, you want to keep them in working order as best as you can. Good knives are necessary for any professional kitchen. They provide clean cuts and help to create stunning dishes. When you have the best knives, your chefs are able to do their best work. With that being said, you want to do the best for your chefs and their knives. If you are aiming to provide your chefs with the best equipment, you will find yourself needing to sharpen your chef’s knives. In the knife world, there is a difference between sharpening and honing that people may not know.


Sharpening your knife is what you do to create an edge in a new or dull blade. When a knife is created, there are two sides to the blade that come together along the edge to create the cutting edge. This edge can become microscopically thick and this is what allows for the blade to cut through things effortlessly. When you sharpen a knife, you are removing small pieces of metal from the blade’s surface to create this cutting edge.

When you sharpen a knife you typically want to use a tool called a whetstone. By running the blade along the stone you are taking off the metal and helping to refine that edge. As you use a whetstone you will move from stone to stone, increasing the grit of each stone. This will create a sharp edge that will allow your knife to perform at it’s best.


When it comes to sharpening and honing, this might be what many believe to be sharpening. When a celebrity chef picks up a metal rod and a knife and begins running it over the rod, they are honing and not sharpening the knife as many may believe. Honing the blade allows for the edge of the blade to remain sharp and keep its shape.

As you use your knife, the edge that was created during sharpening will start to lose shape. We are not talking about the edge that is visible to the naked eye, we are speaking of the microscopic cutting edge. By running the blade along the honing rod, otherwise known as a steel, you are bringing the edge of the blade back into the shape that was created before. Honing a blade doesn’t keep a blade’s edge forever. Over time the edge will simply become dull and a new edge will have to be created. However, honing a blade before use if good practice and can ensure that your knives last as long as they can.

At the end of the day, both honing and sharpening your knives as necessary to get the absolute best out of them. When you are looking for the best sharpening and honing equipment available look to ABM Food Equipment to provide you with the best tools for the job. You chefs will thank you for choosing our premium, high-quality services.

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