If you need to speed up things in your kitchen while keeping up the sanitary standards, consider a double compartment pot sink. With options that come with or without drainboards, ABM carries many sizes that can be used to wash large pots and large numbers of dishes.

With brands such as Efi and Thorinox pot sinks, these will give you the room you need to complete your task, at an efficient time to boot. Our commercial pot sinks are made with high quality stainless steel which will last for a while in your establishment.

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  1. Number of Drainboards: our double compartment sinks come with or without drainboards depending on your washing needs and kitchen layout.
  2. Gauge: there are several gauge options available such as the common 18-gauge, 16-gauge and 14-gauge.
  3. Stainless Steel Type: depending on your needs, we have light and heavy duty sinks with options in 304 and 430 type steel – all of which are durable.
  4. Bowl Size: our double compartment pot sinks come in various bowl sizes, depths and widths to suit your washing needs – especially if it comes to washing pots of various sizes.

A double compartment pot sink is a great addition to any food service establishment. Its deep design makes these sinks useful for a variety of tasks such as washing, rinsing or sanitizing dishware (for all sizes – small to large).

Be sure to check out our selection of double compartment pot sinks – made with high strength stainless steel which guarantees long lasting durability.