Commercial Pot Sinks

ABM Food Equipment offers a selection of pot sinks that includes models with multiple well configurations (ranging from one to three wells). There are also single compartment styles that are great for use in compact kitchens. We also accommodate for much larger establishments with models that have multiple wells which will allow you to rinse and wash dishes.

Whether you own a small or large establishment, varying from restaurants and warehouses to hospitals and cafes, commercial pot sinks are essential. ABM offers a variety of commercial pot sings, such as single, double and triple compartment sinks. No matter the style or size of the pot sink, it will keep your establishment sanitary.

One Compartment Sinks

This slim design is essential for tight spaces – with a one bowl underbar sink, this sink makes it a perfect and quick handwashing station

Two Compartment Sinks

These two bowl sinks allow you to simultaneously soak your glass and dishware in one sink, while rinsing it with the other.

Three Compartment Sinks

If one or two is not enough, three is just right! These three bowl underbar sinks will rinse, wash and sanitize your establishment’s dishes.

Our above selection of stainless-steel commercial pot sinks includes varying options from single to multi-compartments to handle any task that gets thrown your way. If your establishment is on the smaller size, save space and be efficient with a single compartment pot sink that fits in all sorts of compact spaces.

For larger establishments that serve a large clientele and have higher serving times, our double or triple compartment style commercial pot sink will allow you to clean and sanitize your dishes simultaneously.