Your staff will be needing a mop sink in order to properly and regularly clean the kitchen facilities and keep them up to health and safety standards. Mopping a kitchen floor requires a mop sink in which to dispose of dirty water and clean and rinse mops after they are used.

Commercial and stainless-steel mop sinks provide an easily contained unit for employees to discard any dirty mop water. By equipping your establishment with these mop sinks, your staff will be able to drain their dirty water in a designated space rather than dumping it outside – which also has the added bonus of making your establishment look more professional.

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With Efi and Thorinox mop sinks, you will find a range of units from small to larger units with side cabinets that can store your mopping supply in one convenient location. ABM’s mop sinks are constructed from durable materials that guarantee efficiency and consistent cleanliness.

While mop sinks are effective and cleaning and containing dirty mops, it is advised to have the following materials to keep your surfaces clean: wet mops, wet floor signs, wet mop buckets.

Mop sinks are considered to be one of the most convenient cleaning equipment, especially with floor-mounted commercial mop sinks that can be easily installed into your existing plumbing – which minimizes some of the labour involved. Browse our selection of mops sinks in varying sizes and styles to find out which one would be the best option for your establishment.