The most important thing in any kitchen is cleanliness and proper sanitation, and this applies not just to cooking tools and equipment but your employees as well. A hand sink is going to allow your staff to wash their hands constantly and prevent contamination in the kitchen.

ABM’s selection of commercial hand sinks, with trusty brands in the industry such as Efi and Thorinox, offer a variety of features such as stainless-steel mounted wall units, portable self-contained sink carts and hands-free automatic faucets.

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    1. With/Without Faucet: depending on your preference you can get a hand sink that comes equipped with or without a faucet.
    2. With/Without Splash Guard: depending on the size of your establishment, you can get a hand sink with or without a splash guard.
    3. Installation Type – depending on the layout of your establishment, you can have the option of installing either a:
      • Free standing sink
      • Wall mounted sink

The importance of handwashing should not be underestimated. No matter the type of establishment that you own, whether it is a food truck to a fine dining restaurant, hand washing dishes is necessary to keeping a clean kitchen environment. Not only does it keep everything clean it also prevents cross contamination and any untoward spreading of illnesses.

Commercial hand washing sinks (and its accessories) are considered a staple in any establishment’s kitchen. Explore the variety of sizes and styles that ABM offers – all aimed to keep a clean and sanitary work environment.