An interceptor is an essential component of any sink and kitchen plumbing system. As your kitchen staff washes dishes, grease and other pipe clogging things make their way down your pipes; an interceptor filters these things before they have a chance to enter your plumbing system and cause clogs.

ABM’s commercial grease interceptors (sometimes known as commercial grease traps) are designed to prevent any type of grease and other harmful solids from passing into the plumbing of your establishments. Purchasing a commercial grease interceptor will give peace of mind and keep your establishment’s sanitary standards up to par.

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ABM carries well-known brands in the industry such as Canplas and Wade grease interceptors. There are a range of grease interceptors to choose from such as automatic models, threaded and non-thread types, and low-profile styles.

  1. Material – Polyethylene vs. Steel:
    • Polyethylene: to get a quick grease interceptor in a pinch, a polyethylene grease interceptor can be an upgrade for aging metal grease traps. It is also non-corrosive.
    • Steel: stainless steel grease interceptors are specifically designed for the food industry.

With our selection of commercial grease interceptors, your plumbing systems will operate smoothly and efficiently. Other advantages of grease interceptors are that they don’t prevent only grease, but also lint, oil, hair, sediments and other nasty solids from entering your establishment’s plumbing systems. They also prevent harmful materials from affecting the environment.

Check out the varying size capacities that ABM offers, some of which can hold a lot of waste and keeps your plumbing system operating as it should.