Commercial Sinks & Grease Interceptors

ABM Food Equipment does not just stop at dishwashers, faucets and pot sinks, we also offer other sink and dishwasher components such as a hand sink: which is useful for washing foods that need to be cleansed, or for washing hands for hygienic purposes, as well as mop sinks and interceptors to further increase the efficiency of your commercial dish room.

No matter the type of establishment that you run, whether it is a bustling hotel, a healthcare facility, a big restaurant or a small café, it is necessary to put a commercial sink in your kitchen to keep the constant flow of dishes clean.

Grease Interceptors

This is designed to prevent any greasy substances entering any plumbing systems, septic tanks and more to avoid any blockage that might occur.

ABM offers a variety of commercial sinks such as mop sinks, hand sink, grease interceptors and stainless-steel sinks. There are many multi-compartmental models that are ideal for washing dishes, wringing out mops and more.

By installing a commercial sink, you ensure that your establishment stays clean. With trusted brands such as Efi and Thorinox sinks, you can find a variety of options for all of your washing tasks whether it be hand washing, dishwashing or mop wringing.

Our variety of styles carry single and multi-compartment options to handle various cleaning tasks. Regardless of what you choose, each of our commercial sinks is designed to effectively meet the needs of your business in regards to sanitary dishes.