The service faucet is the main component in your kitchen’s sink system, allowing you to have a reliable and effective source of water both hot and cold. With a wall-mounted service faucet, you are guaranteed to run a productive kitchen that will never fall behind as far as dishes are concerned.

ABM’s commercial service faucets, units, and service assembly has a large variety of faucets with well-known brands in the industry such as T&S. A popular service faucet is the deck mount faucet which comes with swing nozzles that can fill multi-compartment sinks with ease.

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Several of the materials that we do have are stainless steels and chrome-plated copper. Regardless of the material that you choose, you will get a consistent water flow with any commercial faucet that you purchase.

  1. Nozzle Length: our commercial service faucets have varying nozzle lengths which allows you to best choose the right size nozzle for the sink that you have.

With reliable products such as our T&S service faucets, we have a large variety of deck mount faucets with varying nozzle lengths for you to choose from. The swinging nozzle feature can move the nozzle between multi-compartment sinks with ease.

Not only that, a consistent flow of water will increase the efficiency of your washing routine, which saves time spent on washing dishes – especially those stubborn and hard to remove spots. Make sure to check out our selection of commercial faucets.