The pre-rinse unit is an important part of your kitchen’s sink system. A pre-rinse unit is going to help you to wash dishes at a very efficient rate, meaning your kitchen will continue to run smoothly and effectively. Our varied collection of commercial pre-rinse faucets, units and assemblies feature products from some of the most popular manufacturers such as Himi and Thorinox.

With features such as durable frames and easy access accessories, ABM offers pre-rinse faucets made for any establishment, including places on the smaller side. We keep efficiency in mind by offering various types of pre-rinse faucets depending on the layout of your establishment(s).

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Some pre-rinse faucets we have are:

  1. Type of Mount:
    • Wall Mount: the faucet mounts through the wall or backsplash of a sink.
    • Deck Mount: the faucet mounts on top of the sink deck.
  2. Hose Length: to make sure that the faucet fits in the sink, make sure to take into account the prospected length, as well as the dimensions and mounting locations of the sink.

Pre-rinse faucets are considered a staple in commercial kitchens, because it allows a quick cleanup of any stubborn food and grease spots from frequently used dishes. With quick and easy installation processes, ABM commercial pre-rinse faucets are designed to be convenient and accessible, while meeting high sanitation standards.

Choosing the perfect commercial pre-rinse Himi or Thorinox faucets will help maximize the efficiency of your kitchen and provide those optimal sparkling dishes that every establishment wants.