An under counter dishwasher is a common piece of kitchen equipment that can run at a very efficient rate, allowing your staff to always be ready to serve up meals on sparkling clean dishes. These dishwashers are also space-saving, able to be installed underneath any counter.

A commercial undercounter dishwasher that has efficient high and low temperatures is an easy way to wash and sanitize any used dishes. Undercounter dishwashers are perfect for small, compact spaces in any establishment that doesn’t have a lot of floor space.

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ABM offers a variety of commercial undercounter dishwashers such as CMA undercounter dishwashers, and other well-known brands like Alfa, Krupps, Hobart and more. You have the option to choose between low and high temperature models. Low temperature models clean with more chemicals and less energy. High temperature models clean with higher energy and less chemicals.

We have a number of models with different capacity sizes – all of which vary on the number of racks each dishwasher contains. Outfit your small establishment with a compact undercounter dishwasher that will get the job done in the efficient time needed. ABM’s commercial undercounter dishwashers boast high energy efficiency, and space efficiency which makes it suitable for limited spaces.