If you are in the process of setting up your dish room, and feel like something is missing, maybe it is a dish table or a dish cabinet. You can choose from a range of tables, such as straight, L-shaped or U-shaped tables that can be connected to your dish-ware washing machine. ABM Food Equipment also can provide you with shelves and cabinets for extra storage space.

With brands from Efi and Thorinox, our dishtables are stable and made to hold clean and dirty dishes. From straight and l-shaped to undercounter and u-shaped, there are many types that can hold your glassware and dishes. Soiled dishtables are optimal for storing items need to be cleaned. Clean dishtables are used for only holding clean items to be put away.

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  1. Length: There are a variety of dishtables of various lengths that can hold specified amounts of dishes.
  2. Height: Get the right dishtable to suit the height of any table in your kitchen, to ensure a smooth transition from the sink and/or table to the dishtable.
  3. Leg Construction: If your dishtable is flush against the sink, a two-legged table will suit that. If your dishtable is standalone, a four-legged table will get the job done.
  4. Shape (Straight, L-Shaped, U-Shaped):
    • Straight: these will line up flush against the wall
    • L-Shaped: these are great for putting in corners to save space
    • U-Shaped: it’s a two-in one dishtable for both dirty and clean dishes

There is nothing worse than a stack of dishes piled sky high. An alternative (and cleaner) solution to this are dish tables. ABM provides a variety of commercial dish tables for various establishments – from a start-up restaurant to a full-scale dining area that serves a large clientele.

With reliable and sturdy dishtables set up in your commercial warewashing area, you will have a designated spot to hold soiled and clean dishware such as flatware, pans, pots and other various dishes.