A key component for any foodservice business is a commercial work table. Commercial work tables come in a variety of sizes, and have configurable options such as undershelves, stainless steel with backsplashes, as well as rounded, square or countertop corners depending on the space you are putting them in.

ABM’s worktables can maximize the storage and prep space in your kitchen or foodservice area (such as bakery or laundry room). These work tables can be made from various gauges which keeps durability and budget in mind.

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Some other feature to consider are:

  1. Width: depending on your needs, we offer work tables in a variety of widths that can fit large amounts of items.
  2. Height: there are many configurations of work tables – some of varying heights which can add some versatility to it.
  3. Length: many work tables are long enough to accommodate features like drawers and multiple legs for stability.
  4. Open Base/Undershelf: this is a convenient way to store any extra equipment and smallware while helping increase the activity flow in a kitchen.
  5. Stationary/Mobile: work tables can either stay as they are, or become mobile with wheels to move them quickly around any space.
  6. Material: worktables are mainly made with stainless steel in varying gauges – which makes for an affordable and quality piece.

Many of ABM’s worktables are from brands like Efi, Thorinox and John Boos. With features such as backsplashes, adjustable feet and more, there is a selection that can meet the needs of your establishment.

Our stainless steel worktables provide the essential flat surfaces needed for chopping meat and vegetables, kneading dough, tenderizing meats and more. The work tables can also be optimized with features such as undershelves to store any dishes, appliances and ingredients.