In a fast-paced environment, making sure everything is easily handy is essential. This can be done with strategically placed equipment stands. Commercial equipment stands’ main function is to raise up equipment, making it easier to reach the items on it and to reach the controls.

Equipment stands are very durable and can support heavy items such as beverage dispensers, blenders, mixers, slicers, and other machines. This provides a reliable area that can support and protect your equipment.

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Some other features of restaurant equipment stands to take into consideration are:

  1. Width: depending on your needs, we offer equipment stands in a variety of widths that can fit larger scale items.
  2. Height: there are multiple heights for one stand. These stands can be adjusted to ensure that you can easily reach the controls of the item on the stand.
  3. Length: we have equipment stands in varying lengths – all dependent on what type of space you want them to be in.
  4. Type: there are a range of types to choose from whether it comes with an undershelf, a heavy duty cookline or more.
  5. Material: equipment stands are mainly made with stainless steel – which makes for an affordable and quality piece.

Every equipment in the kitchen has a use, which is why it’s important to keep each piece within accessible distance and reach. Having an equipment stand will increase the efficiency of your employees so that they can easily use the equipment without straining themselves.

With brands such as Efi, Thorinox and Hobart, ABM boasts a large variety of equipment stands designed in various types and sizes to meet the needs of your establishment. Also, if you are looking for storage, check out our selection of equipment stands that come with undershelves to optimize that space!