Commercial Work Tables

No matter the type of foodservice (or otherwise) establishment that you run, it is important to have commercial work tables as a part of your kitchen area. Work tables are a key component in preparing sides, desserts, entrees and other food items.

Some establishments that might need a worktable are supermarkets, cafes, bakeries, restaurants, catering businesses, hotels and more. Whatever establishment that your run, ABM has the right work table for you. Some of the different types of work tables we have are:

Work Tables with Backsplash

These are great for when you plan on positioning your commercial work table against a wall. The backsplash will protect the wall from any water sprays and make the cleanup easier.

Equipment Stands

Equipment stands are used to raise up equipment, making it easier to reach the items on it and its controls.

ABM’s selection of commercial work tables are all stainless steel models with sturdy tops and legs which makes it easier to do tasks such as slicing meats, mixing salads and more. With dependable brands such as Efi and Thorinox work tables, you are guaranteed to find the one(s) most compatible with your work space.

Our stainless steel style work tables are efficient and low maintenance with its durability and easy-to-clean material – all of which contribute to the functionality of the unit. Browse our varied selection of commercial work tables and choose the best one for you and your business!