Creating and maintaining an effective area in your workspace for storage can be a challenge, especially in tighter and more compact spaces. Make optimal use of your wall space with shelving unit that can increase your storage capacity. There are all types of shelving units – one of which is the commercial epoxy wire shelving.

Epoxy coated wire shelving is best suited for more humid environments such as walk-in coolers, warewashing areas, moist storage and more. Our epoxy coated shelves will provide high protection again rapid corrosion. We offer black epoxy shelving (common in retail areas) and green epoxy shelving (common in food establishments).

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  1. Width: depending on your needs, we offer epoxy wire shelving in a variety of widths that can fit large amounts of items.
  2. Length: we have epoxy wire shelving in varying lengths – all dependent on what type of space you want them to be in.
  3. Height: invest in multiple epoxy wire shelving and have them be placed in varying heights depending on what you use most and are easier to unload.
  4. Capacity: take your storage capacity to a new level by using epoxy wired shelving to optimize whatever floor space you have in any humid area in the workspace.

ABM carries known brands such as Efi and Thorinox epoxy wired shelving in various lengths, widths, heights and capacities to suit the needs of your business. These epoxy wired shelves are durable, and boast resistance to rapid corrosion.

The epoxy coating on our wire shelves can battle against the effects of high moisture and humidity which offers a cleaner, and more established look, especially for upscale establishments such as wineries and bars.