Shelving is great for taking a room and optimizing its space and storage capacities. ABM has a range of durable and dependable chrome wire shelving for any establishment. Chrome wire shelving comes with a striking aesthetic while also serving an organizational purpose in dry storage and in front-end areas.

Examples of where chrome wire shelving is best suites are retail stores, stockrooms, garages, warehouses, front-end restaurant areas and more. It is best to keep them away from humid environments, as they can be prone to rust.

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  1. Width: depending on your needs, we offer shelving in a variety of widths that can fit large amounts of items.
  2. Length: we have wire shelving in varying lengths – all dependent on what type of space you want them to be in.
  3. Height: invest in multiple wire shelving and have them be placed in varying heights depending on what you use most and are easier to unload.
  4. Capacity: take your storage capacity to a new level by using shelving to optimize whatever floor space you have in your establishment.

A chrome finish will allow you to easily spot dirt and debris – ensuring that your shelves are clean at all times. The wire finish allows for easy cleaning and its structure is easy to maintain, and to assemble with a variety of additions and features for customization.

ABM carries Efi and Thorinox chrome wire shelving in varying widths, lengths, heights and capacities to suit the needs of your establishment. These chrome wire shelves not only make your items easier to see, its durability ensures the long lasting strength of the shelf.