Need a way to keep your work and prep tables organized but also optimize the space that you have? Consider investing in commercial stainless steel double over shelves. These double over shelves can keep your workspace organized and clutter free while providing maximum storage space for your items!

Our heavy duty stainless steel over shelves add valuable storage and utility to your busy kitchen workspace! Regardless of the size, height or capacity that you choose, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. Length: we have double over shelves in varying lengths – all dependent on what type of space you want them to be in.
  2. Width: depending on your needs, we offer double over shelving in a variety of widths that can fit large amounts of items.
  3. Height: invest in multiple double over shelves and have them be placed in varying heights depending on what you use most and are easier to unload.

With well-known brands for shelving such as Efi and Thorinox double over stainless steel shelving, your business will get valuable storage and utility space – optimizing both larger and compact kitchen areas!

We also include hardware for mounting, which only leaves figuring out where you want your shelf to be placed. Its stainless steel material will ensure that it will handle daily, heavy duty use and last for years while accommodating your kitchen environment.