Commercial Stainless Steel Shelving

If your commercial kitchen is a compact space, and you need things within easy reach but out of the way at the same time, consider getting stainless steel shelving. If you work in a large establishment and want a variety of things within easy view and reach, consider getting stainless steel shelving. ABM Food Equipment offers stainless steel wall mounted shelving to make the job easier.

Another thing to consider about shelving is the type of environment they are going to be placed in. Are they in cooler environment with air vents? If so, consider using single or double over shelves to eliminate any blocking of the vents. Some of the shelving options we have are:

Single Over Stainless Steel Shelving

Single over shelves can keep your workspace organized and clutter free. These are made with stainless steel to ensure a rust proof and durable material made to last.

Double Over Stainless Steel Shelving

Double over shelves can keep your workspace organized and clutter free while providing maximum storage space for your items!

Wall-Mount Stainless Steel Shelving

These are ideal for creating storage space over stainless steel prep tables, and also helps keep any dishware offer of your countertops.

Whether you want to create some more storage space or want to get your kitchen space organized, steel shelving is a great solution. Commercial stainless steel shelving is a great way to store any items in practical places. Whether it’s a large bag of sugar or a small ingredient canister, we have a variety of shelving types to suit your business needs.

ABM carries a range of different shelving options, from well-known brands such as Efi and Thorinox. Efi and Thorinox carry shelving of different lengths, widths and heights, giving you no shortage of shelving options for your kitchen space. Regardless of what you choose, shelves must be used in a way that it optimizes wall space, and any other available space.