Keep your establishment clean and tidy by providing long lasting and durable commercial utility carts. These utility carts come with multiple shelves – allowing your employees to stack any used cutlery and dishware quickly – which is useful for establishments with high traffic volumes.

ABM offers utility carts with many shelving options such as 2 shelves, 3 shelves and 4 shelves which provides a good selection depending on the needs of your establishment. The number of shelves needed can be determined by considering the size of the items that you will need to transport.

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Some other features to consider are:

  1. Pan capacity: this refers to the total weight that your cart can hold and transport. Our strong and durable pans can hold multiple heavier items in one – which optimizes the space.
  2. Material: our carts come in several main materials – plastic, metal, aluminum and stainless steel. Plastic is more cost effective, while the metal is considered to be long lasting and durable.

ABM carries commercial utility carts from dependable brands such as Efi, Thorinox and Winco. We carry rolling utility carts which makes them easy to navigate and transport products in any establishments. We also have a variety of features such as brakes, swivel vs. fixed wheels, bumpers and more.

No matter your need, utility cards are useful for transporting goods in establishments such as restaurants, hotels, catering events and more. Check out our selection and choose the right commercial utility cart for your business!