ABM offers a range of sizes for pans – one example of a pan is the open bun pan rack, also called sheet pan racks. The open bun pan rack optimizes storage space, and allows your food to be simultaneously stored safely and cooled.

Some food items that would be store on an open bun pan rack are freshly bakes cookies, scones, rolls and other baked goods. Each of our open bun pan racks are made for easy mobility and transportation for any establishment size and is efficient in high traffic times as well.

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  1. Pan capacity: this refers to the total weight that your cart can hold and transport. Our strong and durable pans can hold multiple heavier items in one – which optimizes the space.
  2. Material: our carts come in two main materials – plastic and metal. Plastic is more cost effective, while metal is considered to be long lasting and durable.

ABM offers Efi, Thorinox and Winco open bun pan racks. These come in handy at a variety of establishments, such as restaurants, bakeshops, cafes, grocery stores and more! With these efficient racks, you will be able to load trays from any side – allowing your items for a more efficient transition from table to rack.

Your food will be efficiently cooled and ready to serve in no time, no matter the traffic volume of your establishment. We have racks available in different unit sizes and heights, depending on your needs.