Need a transport rack that can help prevent spillage and hide any items you might have on it? Consider enclosed transport racks! Our transport racks come in two main configurations – being either fully enclosed or partially enclosed with shelves.

These configurations provide the advantage of preventing any untoward spilling, or hiding cleaning supplies and cardboard boxes from the view of your clientele. Not only does it do that, but it also protects any food items during storage and delivery.

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  1. Pan capacity: this refers to the total weight that your cart can hold and transport. Our strong and durable pans can hold multiple heavier items in one – which optimizes the space.
  2. Material: our carts come in two main materials – plastic and metal. Plastic is more cost effective, while metal is considered to be long lasting and durable.

Our commercial enclosed transport racks are a great solution to maintaining all fresh baked food and hot dishes while not compromising the texture, temperature and flavor. It also serves as a great protection from any external contamination.

With known brands such as Efi, Thorinox and Winco enclosed transport racks, your food will be protected and ready to serve hot, especially during high volume times. We have racks available in different unit sizes and heights, depending on your needs.