Commercial Carts & Racks

If you need to move or store items such as cooking sheets, cutlery containers, dunnage bins, cans and more in your commercial kitchen – make the job easier with a storage rack and/or cart. That will definitely get the job done. These versatile and inexpensive trolleys can save the time of multiple staffers in transporting small items as well as doubling the storage if need be.

Proper restaurants cart and racks are an essential feature to any establishment. ABM offers  equipment such as сommercial pan racks, enclosed transport racks, open bun pan racks, utility carts, and more! This will help your employees complete their daily tasks efficiently and will less strain.

Utility Carts

Our utility carts come with various shelving options (2 shelves, 3 shelves, 4 shelves) which allows for more items to be placed on the cart.

When serving clientele, especially at higher traffic times, speed is key. All of our models are designed for swift movement and dependable stability – which makes them great for moving through tight aisles and corners.

Storing and transporting items in your establishment will be more efficient and has never been easier with ABM’s carts. With dependable brands like Efi, Thorinox and Winco restaurant carts and racks, we have an option for you.

All of our carts and racks are multi-purpose, depending on what you need them for. Some of these purposes are transportation, storage, ware washing, cleaning and more! We also have outdoor carts made to weather the elements and is handy for storing silverware, dispensing condiments and serving beverages.