Commercial Storage Equipment

Proper storage is essential for the longevity of many food products, and if you have the right shelving space and resources to store food properly, you are going to be running a much more successful establishment. At ABM Food Equipment, we have what you need to make the most use of your space and maximize your storage facilities in every way possible.

Whether its large storage bins for heavier objects, or small wall-mounted shelves to hold small items, you can find it here. With well-known brands such as Efi, Thorinox, Hobart and John Boos storage equipment, ABM has no shortage of storage and transportation options.

Commercial Stainless Steel Shelving

Considered to be a long lasting, durable option, steel shelving is great for heavy items and best for storing pots, pans, cooking utensils spices and more. These are convenient for storage in cooler areas.

Commercial Wire Shelving

Whether with an epoxy or chrome coating, our wire shelving is optimal for dry and humid environments, are tough against corrosion and is easy to maintain and assemble.

Commercial Work Tables

Keep your kitchen organized with stainless steel work tables (that come with shelves, open bases and more).

Commercial Carts & Racks

Our carts make it easy to transport a variety of dishware, glassware and more from one place to next, while our storage racks can help keep your products organized.

A key essential for foodservice establishments such as cafes, hotels and restaurants is to keep large amounts of food sealed in proper food storage containers to preserve the taste and freshness of it. ABM offers a ranges of commercial food storage equipment such as steel shelving, carts and racks, wire shelving and work tables.

Keep your food separate, ready and fresh with our storage and transporting equipment. ABM offers a variety of storage equipment such as insulated carriers, ice buckets, plastic boxes, work tables, shelving and more.

Our shelves will keep your establishment organized. Our carts will deliver multiple meals at once or serve beverages efficiently. Our work tables will provide additional storage and space to place your dishware. Browse our selection now!