Commercial walk-in coolers are perfect if you are looking to store high amounts of refrigerated food items and ingredients. These refrigerators are easy to access and provide a copious amount of refrigerator space for your higher-volume food establishment.

Commercial walk-in refrigerators from ABM Food Equipment can be fitted with different features and modifications. Our refrigerators come in dimensions ranging from 5ft x 5ft to 12ft x 12ft, and can be designed for indoor or outdoor use too. They also come with various compressor locations and can be built with or without a floor.

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Purchasing a new commercial walk-in cooler from our online store is an easy process that our experts can assist you with! We make it easy to not only purchase the right refrigerator for your business, but also to understand the reasons your purchase is the best possible choice you could have made.

When purchasing a new commercial walk-in refrigerator, it’s important to know your limits when it comes to space. It’s also crucial to take a look at which specifics you are most concerned with and make them your top points when consulting the team at ABM Food Equipment.