An under counter freezer is ideal for saving space in a kitchen or storeroom. The space underneath your counters is valuable and can be utilized to the fullest degree when you install an under counter freezer. You will still have easy access to your under counter freezer at all times.

Available with a number of features including different widths, capacities, and number of doors, our commercial undercounter freezers selection will have something for everyone, and we’ll help find the right one for you. Check out also chef bases, refrigerators and other refrigeration equipment at our restaurant supply store

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If space-saving is a top priority for you, a commercial undercounter freezer is just what you need! Our selection consists of different models that boast different features such as varying widths, capacities, and number of doors. ABM Food Equipment will help you to select the right piece of equipment every time.

Blue Air, Efi, Traulsen, New Air, and True commercial undercounter freezers are all available from our online store. These are the industry’s best brand names, meaning you can expect nothing but optimal quality when you purchase from ABM Food Equipment!