Commercial Prep Tables

We understand running a restaurant or café can require speedy service during busy hours, and this is why we offer stainless steel prep tables. Prep tables are intended for ingredient storage, making it fast and easy to access ingredients needed for preparing things such as pizzas, sandwiches, and salads.

Commercial prep tables are the best way to keep ingredients fresh and readily available all throughout the day. Your restaurant staff will be able to operate at a much more efficient rate with refrigerated prep tables at their disposal.

Pizza Prep Tables

Pizza prep tables are great for storing all of the pizza ingredients you need including meats, cheese, sauce, and veggies. They are also equipped with flat surfaces, making it easy to prepare pizzas.

Sandwich Prep Tables

Sandwiches and salads require fresh ingredients to be constantly prepared and on hand. A commercial sandwich prep table is the best way to ensure a constant supply of fresh ingredients.

Different cold prep tables come with different features, and you’ll want to make sure you are making the right decisions when purchasing one for your establishment. We at ABM Food Equipment can help! We’ll help with all of the tough decisions, making the buying process easier for you.

With top brand names including Blue Air, True, New Air, and Efi available on our online store, you are guaranteed quality when you purchase from ABM Food Equipment. Stainless steel prep tables are one of the best ways to upgrade your restaurant!