The open air merchandiser is the primary piece of equipment used to display a variety of refrigerated food and beverage items. Products such as drinks, desserts, fruit cups, and smoothies can all be placed in an open air merchandiser, allowing them to stay cold and be on display for customers at the same time.

Our open air merchandisers are available in various models each with different features including various capacities, widths, and number of shelves. They can also be either horizontal or vertical.

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We understand that you’ll likely have a few questions about the process involved in buying a new air curtain merchandiser, and this is why the team at ABM Food Equipment is always on hand to provide answers! We’ll go over even the smallest of details to make sure you get what you are looking for.

With a promise of quality and performance comes an excellent and trustworthy brand name. Efi, Howard McCray, Master-Bilt, and True merchandisers are all available in our online store. Our dedication to quality is the perfect match for your desire to serve your customers and keep them happy!