The modular is a key part of your ice making system, allowing the ice to be produced quickly and efficiently. A properly functioning modular ice machines are going to allow you to produce ice at a rate that matches the demand and need of your customer base, no matter what kind of establishment you are running.

Modular ice machines are available with different features including various widths, ice types, and ice yields, all of which we can help you choose from. Check out also bins,under counters, and other refrigeration equipment at our restaurant supply store.

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When choosing a new commercial modular ice machine, there are some things to consider. Ice type, size, filters, installation requirements, compressor types; all of these are important. We at ABM Food Equipment can make it easier to shop for a new modular ice maker!

You’ll be happy to know we only carry the best brand names when it comes to our modular ice machines. Ice-O-Matic, Koolaire, and Scotsman ice machines are all available at affordable prices. We invite you to shop our online store today and see for yourself what all the fuss is about!