Ice Cream needs to be kept at cold temperature sin order to avoid melting. Your ice cream is not going to last very long without a properly functioning ice cream freezer at your disposal. When your ice cream is not on display in a dipping cabinet, it should always be kept cold in a proper ice cream freezer.

Seeing as space can sometimes be limited, commercial ice cream freezers from ABM Food Equipment are available in different sizes, with various widths and capacities. Check out also dipping cabinets, and other refrigeration equipment at our restaurant supply store.

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There are things to consider when purchasing a new ice cream freezer, such as which type of frozen dessert you’ll be storing. Whether it’s gelato, ice cream, frozen yogurt, or sorbet you’re serving up for your customers, we’ll help you find the right freezer every time!

We carry only top-quality brand names when it comes to our ice cream freezers including New Air, Ojeda, Blue Air, and True. You’ll see the difference almost instantly when you first use a commercial ice cream freezer purchased form ABM Food Equipment’s online store!