The floor model is great to put right at the front of your restaurant or store because the fluorescent illumination will display food in an aesthetic way that will make it appealing to the customer. These displays have a reinforced steel base and can hold large quantity of foods.

Floor display units are available with various features and can be outfitted with different glass styles, capacities, compressor locations, and number of shelves. Check out also sushi cases, counter tops, and other refrigeration equipment at our restaurant supply store.

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When purchasing a commercial floor display case, you can look at all kinds of features and styles available. Glass styles, lighting, shelving, size; all of these can change from machine to machine, and we at ABM are here to help you decide which piece of equipment is right for you!

True, Efi, New Air, Master Bilt, MVP, and Tor Rey floor display cases are all available from ABM Food Equipment, along with other leading brand names. With an excellent brand name and ABM’s team of experts at your back, you can count on quality!