Back Bar Refrigeration

If you need a direct draw dispenser or a back bar cooler, look no further than ABM Food Equipment! We have what you need to keep those quality and favourite drinks ‘on ice’ for your customers. Not only does it keep drinks nice and cool for your patrons,

this also helps your serving staff because it increases the accessibility and ease of use during the work day. Our kitchen supply store range of solid bar doors, direct drawers, and other refrigeration equipment at our restaurant supply store.

Glass Door Refrigerators

With a clear see-through door, these bar refrigerators are excellent for letting your customers see the various beverages you have available, making it much easier for them to select their favourites.

Solid Door Refrigerators

Equipped with energy-efficient LED lamps and added locks for security, solid door bar refrigerators are durable and long-lasting, making them a great choice for your bar establishment.

Kegerators / Beer Dispensers

Designed to handle the stress of full kegs, these commercial bar refrigerators are also known as beer dispenser refrigerators. Durability and ease of use make this a great choice.

Wine Coolers

If your bar establishment serves chilled wine, a quality wine cooler is exactly what you need. Available with different capacities, commercial wine coolers can help you to serve up refreshing wine for your customers.

There are many things to consider if you are looking to upgrade your current bar or open a brand new bar entirely. The expert team at ABM Food Equipment is trained in everything bar-related, so you know you can depend on them to get you set up properly!

We carry only the best brands when it comes to our bar equipment. Blue Air, Efi, New Air, Traulsen, and True bar refrigerators are all available. With our help, your bar establishment will be up and running in no time at all!