Commercial Tandoor Ovens

If you are someone that is running a multi-cultural menu or an Indian restaurant, a Tandoor oven is a staple requirement to have. You will need a tandoor to cook many traditional dishes like naan, chicken tikka, tandoor chicken and lamb, and other vegetarian dishes.

We offer charcoal and gas tandoor ovens to get that optimally prepared Indian food. You might be also interested in checking our full portfolio of commercial kitchen ovens.

Charcoal Tandoor Ovens

Charcoal tandoor ovens are mainly designed for cooking meat and veggies in a traditional Indian style. Charcoal power is great for producing a delicious taste that goes hand-in-hand with authentic Indian cuisine!

If you are running or opening an Indian-style restaurant, you have no reason not to equip your kitchen with a quality tandoor oven from ABM Food Equipment! Our Tandoor ovens are available in both gas and charcoal-powered models, and are built to last.

With great industry-leading brand name such as Golden Tandoor, ABM Food Equipment offers only the best when it comes to our commercial tandoor ovens. We invite you to shop our online selection of both gas and charcoal-powered tandoor ovens today!